GANEO - Guidelines Advisory Network Africa


What we do

Edit and publish evidence-based summary

  • GANEO applies evidence-based medicine principles to create evidence-based summaries on clinical, health economics and policy topics relevant to Africa. GANEO’s evidence-based summary aims to provide high quality and unbiased information to help health care providers and health policy makers in Africa in their decision-making process.

Develop evidence-based clinical practice guidelines

  • GANEO has set up a collaborative and flexible interdisciplinary model to support African health care providers’ professional societies, NGO’s and governments in the development of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines. The model can be easily customized to local needs in multiple jurisdictions and/or organization across Africa. We collaborate with the world class experts on clinical practice guidelines methodology to ensure that our methodology is aligned with international standards.

Create communication strategy and training for clinical practice guidelines

  • GANEO develops communication strategies tailored to the different target audiences involved in medical decision making (clinicians, policy makers, patients, etc.) and clinical settings to increase the uptake of clinical practice guidelines and ensure they are quickly translated into practice.
  • GANEO promotes good practice in clinical practice guidelines through training and capacity building on methodology of clinical practice guidelines.
  • GANEO has created an online resource center on methodology of clinical practice guidelines (clinical practice guidelines resource center). The resource center provides information, tools, and briefings to evidence-base guidelines methodology for health care.

Develop and maintain the African library of cost effectiveness – ALICE

  • Given the limited resources, guidelines developers and policy makers in all health systems face difficult choices about which interventions, programmes, diagnostics test should be recommended. The GANEO response to inform and facilitate the decision making process is ALICE - the African library of cost effectiveness. With ALICE, health economic evaluation studies related to Africa context are systematically identified, appraised and summarized in a user-friendly format.  ALICE aims to improve accessibility and facilitate diffusion of health economic knowledge in Africa.